Clyde's™ Premium Applicator Kit | For Cleaning, Buffing, and Conditioning Leather | Includes Brush and Lint Free Towel

Clydes Leather Company Store


About this item 100% Leather NO STREAKS, NO MESS, JUST THE PERFECT SHINE - Conditioning and buffing your leather is now easier than ever. Our premium applicator kit includes (1) brush, and (1) line-free towel. QUICK AND EASY CLEANING TOOL - Our brush is made with 100% genuine horsehair bristles, designed to clean your leather. The natural bristles help break up dirt, grime, and debris without scratching the surface. CONDITION AND POLISH LEATHER FOR A SHINY LUSTER - Our kit includes two towels: one for conditioning and one for buffing. Our towel is designed to provide a lint-free, glass-smooth finish, keeping your leather soft, supple, and protected. WORKS ON ALL TYPES OF LEATHER - Our kit is versatile and can be used on any type of leather. Whether you have smooth, glossy, or textured leather, our tools will help clean, condition and buff it up in a snap! LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you don't love your results at any point in time, just fill out a contact form and get your money back. We offer this lifetime guarantee as a testament to the quality of our products; we know our product works wonderfully when used correctly. See our lifetime guarantee page for details. It's also imperative to our business that our customers feel they have received value from our products/services, so if you feel that you haven't, please reach out to us!


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